Taxis Insurance


Zego taxi insurance covers you for private and public hire, delivery work (Hire & Reward) and personal use of your vehicles (Social, Domestic & Pleasure). Its Fully Comprehensive cover for your taxi work and free time in one convenient policy. This is now available to active drivers in Borough Taxis.

New SPSV Taxi Drivers

If you’re a brand new SPSV driver and looking to get cover please get in touch. One of the biggest challenges for new taxi drivers is getting a reasonable insurance quote. Zego offer the lowest and most competitive premium’s in the market for new drivers.

To get a taxi insurance policy with Zego you must be a registered driver. National Private Hire & Taxi Association will cross check your driver details to see if you’re a registered driver. To join Borough Taxis contact or call 012800444.

Existing Borough Taxi Drivers

Are you due to renew your insurance? Please shop around and check with The National Private Hire & Taxi Association to see if they can get you the best possible quote.

Contact National Private Hire & Taxi Association on 01531977 for an insurance quote and mention that you’re with Borough Taxis for this Amazing Discount. Zego will try their best to lower your premium so you save on your taxi policy.

Why Zego?

  • Quick and easy for new/existing drivers
  • No hidden admin fees
  • Optional No Claims Discount protection
  • Customer support 7 days a week
  • Competitive insurance quotes for new drivers
  • Flexible payment options

Insurance Criteria

  • Age 21 – 75
  • Full IE, UK or EU driving licence
  • No more than 9 penalty points
  • Registered Borough Taxi Driver
  • Vehicle value less than €65,000
  • No more than 3 fault claims in the last 3 years

Do you fit the above criteria? Sign up to drive with Borough Taxis Now Base Fee 60 Euro Per Week.

(((10 Euro Per Month For Over Flow Work )))


Get a Quote 01-4531977